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Organic Rose Water Mist

Organic Rose Water Mist
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Where To Find Rose Water / Buy Rose Water

Are you looking for where to find Rose Water? Dream Organics is the best place to buy Rose Water for the face! Purchase our rose water today to soothe your skin and enjoy the delightful rosey aroma. Whether you use rose water on skin or use rose water for the face, when you experience the benefits of rose water it will become your new favorite beauty product. Our Organic Rose Water, infused with rose essentail oil, is carefully made from premium organic Bulgarian rose petals. Bulgarian Roses are the finest quality for making rose water for skin, that's why we use them in our luxuroius organic rose water. Top celebrity make up artists agree that Dream Organics is where to find rose water.

What is the use of Rose Water?

Wondering what is the use of rose water? The following list explains some common rose water uses. Feel free to share this information everyone who is looking for where to find rose water!

  • Use rose water for the face to improve complexion
  • Mist rose water on face before and after applying make up
  • Use rose water after tweezing or waxing to reduce redness and soothe skin
  • Mist rose water after your shower or add to a warm bath
  • Use rose water on sunburns, bug bites, and rashes for quick pain relief
  • Mist the air for a rose aromatherapy treatment

Benefits of Rose Water

  • Rose water is naturally rich in anti-oxidants
  • Balances and instantly hydrates all types of skin
  • Rose water has been proven to reduce the visible signs of aging
  • Great for wrinkles, acne, redness, stress and blood circulation
  • Center yourself during a tough day at work
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Top Celebrity Makeup Artists & Editors Purchase Rose Water at Dream Organics!

Dream Organics Rose Water has been featured in these magazines. Click the covers to see what celebrities are using Dream Organics Rose Water!

Where To Buy Rose Water    Rose Water for the Face    Where to Purchase Rose Water


Rose Water Ingredients

Dream Organics Rose Water is made from the essence of premium organic Bulgarian rose petals.

Organic Rose Hydrosol (Rosa Damascena) (Bulgaria)

Organic Rose Hydrosol is a product made from the distillation of roses. To make rose flower water rose petals are placed in a stainless steel container. Steam is then injected into the container. The steam releases the water and  the oil from the rose petals then we collect the flower water and essential oil. The remaining water contains fully emulsified essential oil and is called a hydrosol. Hydrosols have unique, gentle, therapeutic properties that are well-suited for all ages. A celebrity favorite on the red carpet, try it and see what the critics are raving about! We guarantee this will be your new favorite rose water beauty product! 

Organic Rose Oil / Rose otto (Rosa Damascena) (Bulgaria)

Organic Rose oil is a rare precious organic essential oil made from the distillation of roses. Thousands of petals are steamed to extract one ounce of Organic Rose Oil. Women have used Rose Oil for skin for centuries for the many health and skin care benefits. Rose oil contains organic antioxidants that fight bacteria on the skin. Organic Rose oil, also called Rose Otto, can reduce stress, clear your complexion, improve poor circulation, and uplift your mood. 

Celebrity Makeup Artist Rose Water Uses Tips:

Celebrity stylists Mario Dedivanovic, Tonya Crooks, and Nicki Ledermann use Dream Organics Rose Water for their A-List Clientele!

Mario Dedivanovic

"...And when you're all done with your make up, lightly mist your face with a product like Dream Organics Organic Rose Water. It smells great and will help set your make up and give you a glow."

Check out Mario's Workshop Video! Dream Organics, L'OREAL, MAC, smashbox and Sigma beauty were event sponsors!
Visit Mario Dedivanovic's Workshop SiteMario uses Dream Organics Rose Water on Kim Kardashian!

Tonya Crooks

"Spritz on rose water after tweezing for a pleasant touch. Many of my clients enjoy the aromatherapy and find it makes the whole experience more pleasing. One of my favorites is Dream Organics Rose Water."  

(Celebrity Clients: Fergie, Molly Sims, Meghan Fox, Chelsea Handler) Visit Tonya Crook's Site

Nicki Ledermann

"I have been using Dream Organics Rose Water on Ted Danson and Jason Schwartzman on the set of HBO's Bored to Death and they love it!"

(Celebrity Clients: Krisitn Davis, Jason Schwartzman) (Movie Credits: Sex in the City II, The Devil Wears Prada, Enchanted) 
Visit Nicki Ledermann's Site


*Bulk pricing for rose water is available

Call us at 1-702-279-8547 if you need to buy rose water or need assistance with where to find rosewater. 

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